Juggling: All Levels


Come try your hand at juggling! In this class for all abilities, beginners will learn basic three-ball tricks and various ways to juggle with other people. More advanced students will learn different three-ball patterns, four balls, club juggling, partner juggling, and passing.


Prerequisites: This is an introductory level class for all skills levels and bodies.


Materials: Participants are encouraged to purchase their own juggling balls for practice at home. We recommend the Play MMX juggling ball, available from Renegade Juggling. For kids with small hands, try the 62mm balls. For everyone else, the 67mm or 70mm is the recommended size. Consider purchasing 4 or 5 balls instead of just 3. That way, you won’t be out of luck in case one ball goes missing. Also, you might be juggling 4 (or even 5) sooner than you think. You can find MMX balls at RenegadeJuggling.com.


To register for this class, click the "Register Now!" link below. Please take note of any days we won't be holding the class by clicking "View" under Details and then "(View complete list of dates)". 


Add Location Ages Instructor Dates Days Times Fees Details Open
Duncan 1/8 - 3/19 Fr 06:00 PM - 06:45 PM $200.00 View 5