Intro to Chinese Pole


Description: Students will be introduced to the initial aspects of Chinese Pole including climbs, holds, and resting positions. Focus will be on safe technique to help develop a foundation base for strength and endurance conditioning on the pole.

Prerequisites: This workshop is suitable for complete beginners who can do one pull up. You must wear protective clothing and soft soled rubber shoes. Please dress in layers that include stretchy jeans with leggings underneath, a belt to keep them from falling down, a long sleeve shirt and smooth-soled shoes. We suggest Feiyue Martial Arts Shoes from Windham Movement Apparel.

About the Instructor:  

Brooke Locke is a trained dancer and acrobat who took her skills to the air in the ProTrack program at NECCA.  She will be entering into her third year in the ProTrack programs at NECCA and specializes in Chinese Pole and Lyra.


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