Preschool Circus


This class is for preschoolers ages 3–5 who are ready to see what they can try on their own! This is such a remarkable age—when children are known for testing their own limits and trying out their new-found confidence. A circus class is just the place to let them safely climb, run, jump, and get upside down—all while building their self-esteem and giving them a creative place to be silly and explore with friends. In addition to learning physical skills, this class will focus on age-appropriate social skills including following directions, sharing, and working with others.


Prerequisites: Students in this class must be able to work independently without the help of an adult. (Note: There is overlap between the preschool age group and the kids age group. If you have a 5-year-old in a preschool class who would be a better fit in a kids class, it’s OK to move the student.)


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