Snaking on the Lyra


Let's explore advanced "snakey" movements around the circle of the hoop. We'll cover various rolls, pathways and transitions between belly and back and top and bottom bar. Much of this workshop will focus on the movements and moments in-between tricks and poses. Students will be offered unique combinations to play with, as well as a few sequencing puzzles intended to develop their capacity for creating their own interesting transitions.



For students with a current and regular lyra practice, who can do 2 pull ups, invert/pull over comfortably and repeatedly from the ground, invert in the air, do a one knee hang and hold a front balance (no hands!) for 15 seconds.


About the Instructor:

Jenna Ciotta found circus arts after completing her BA degree. Out of shape and looking for a creative outlet, she signed up for classes at a nearby pole dance studio. Weekly pole class quickly turned into pole, lyra, fabric, contortion, and fire eating. Having danced all of her life, circus offered a new and exciting creative outlet for personal expression through movement. Jenna began her training in Phoenix, Arizona and continued in London, England for a year while completing her MA. After finishing her degree she moved back to Phoenix to pursue circus arts full time, where she taught and performed regularly for private, corporate, and staged events and for some of Phoenix's best nightclubs. She now lives in Brattleboro, VT.



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