Rope Meeting USA


Rope Meeting is a creative space for rope artists from all over the world to meet, share, connect, learn, and reflect. Cost covers participant-led workshops, hours of open practice each day, a Rope Battle, a Works in Progress showing and time to connect and meet with other ropers. This is a participant-driven event for aerialists with an established practice on the aerial rope / corde lisse. Rope Meeting is inspired by Emiliano Ron. 

Specialty workshops will be offered Saturday & Sunday mornings for a small additional fee.  Look under "More Workshops" to register after Nov 1.


Special Add on

Join the Boston Rope Squad for a post-Rope Meeting jam at Commonwealth Circus Center (C3) on Sunday night from 7:30pm-9:30pm, co-hosted by C3 and Esh Circus Arts! We'll have lots and lots of ropes rigged from our 21 foot ceilings. Come hang out!
$10 cash per person, no pre-registration required. The studio address is 8 Brookley Road, Boston MA 02130. Parking is available.



For advanced and professional level circus artists with a regular rope practice. Participation is what drives this event, so we ask everyone to be physically involved. To support a creatively safe environment there will be no auditing or public viewing.




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