Trapeze Meeting


Description: Trapeze Meeting is a creative space for trapeze artists from all over the world to meet, share, connect, learn and reflect. Cost covers hours of open practice each day, participant led workshops, a Works in Progress showing and time to connect and meet with other trapezists. Circus (double point), dance (single point) and duo trapeze enthusiasts are all welcome. Hosted by Aimee Hancock and Elsie Smith.

Trapeze Meeting is for advanced and professional level circus artists with a regular trapeze practice. Participation is what drives this event, so we ask everyone to be physically involved. To support a creatively safe environment, there will be no auditing or public viewing.

Is this event right for you?
You have a regular enough trapeze practice that your callouses are well formed and your body is ready for the bumps and bruises that come with 4 days of doing trapeze. You are comfortable exploring, moving, and caring for yourself on the bar and in the ropes. You are excited about having lots of time with lots of bars and lots of people who also have lots of time with lots of bars. Maybe you have some skills or sequences you want to workshop, or maybe you are jazzed about having a foam pit to toss a few tricks into! If you have something you are developing for performance and want to share, we'll have a Work In Progress showing.


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