Collaboration & Devising: In the Air


Collaborative work is the key to most contemporary circus, and in this workshop you will get the chance to use your aerial skills in pairs and trios. Explore the possibilities, processes, and pleasures of ensemble creation. 



Participants should have basic comfort in vertical or bar aerial work. They must be able to execute a clean pull up and a pullover onto a bar or an inversion on vertical apparatus.


About the Instructor:

Naomi Ullian is an acrobat and dancer originally from the Carolinas. From 2013-2016 she studied in the professional training programs at NECCA, focusing on dance trapeze, silks, and partner acrobats. She has performed with the Bromelia Aerial Dance Collective, Frequent Flyers Aerial Dance, Nimble Arts, and Bent Spoon Dance Company. She currently teaches at SHOW Circus Space as well as NECCA and throughout the southeastern United States. When not training, teaching, or creating, Naomi can be found in her medicine garden, swimming in the river, and making gluten-free fried green tomatoes. Learn more about her work at and


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