Intro to Hand Balancing: Refresher


This abridged beginner-level handstand workshop is open to those that have taken the full-length Beginner Handstand Workshop by Chris Gatti or other lessons. This version will cover very similar material, though it is primarily designed to refresh and reinforce topics and concepts that were previously introduced. We will also identify what drills and exercises will be best-suited for students to continue their training.


Participants should have taken the full-length Beginner Workshop at a previous date (either at NECCA or elsewhere). Participants should also be able to perform at least a 15 second handstand hold against the wall. A freestanding handstand is not a necessary prerequisite to participate. (NOTE: NECCA session class students or ProTrack students who have worked with Chris are welcome to join.)

About the Instructor:

Chris Gatti is a gymnast-turned-acrobat that likes to think. He grew up and trained as a gymnast in Massachusetts and then went on to compete for the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. He studied engineering and obtained a BSE in mechanical engineering then went to grad school for an MSE in biomedical engineering, followed by graduate school at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute where he received a PhD. When he was nearing the completion of his PhD he put together a demo tape for Cirque du Soleil just to see what might come of it. Cirque liked the demo tape, and two weeks after defending his thesis he was in Montreal training for Corteo. After touring with the show and a break for shoulder surgery, he re-joined Cirque du Soleil as the Head Coach of Volta. After a year as one of NECCA's most popular coaches he now freelances as a workshop instructor and does independent research.


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