Catch & Release on Rope


Tackling release moves on rope and fabric can be daunting. Using momentum and good body mechanics rather than force makes release movements fun. We'll give you the tools to confidently train these skills on your own and the information you need to begin catching consistently and comfortably. We'll have a foam pit and a pit mat to make it all a little easier, so bring your brave self and see what you can accomplish.  


Participants should have experience with beats on rope or fabric and be ready to land onto a mat on their back from five feet up. Last but not least, come ready to rock and roll.

About the Instructor

Teo Spencer, during a year abroad, tripped over a burgeoning Argentine circus community and became an acrobat. Immediately a dream was born of creating opportunities for others to do the same and inspiring them to do so. Teo was accepted into a highly competitive three-year program of study in circus arts at the University of San Martin where he specializes in aerial fabric. After completing his studies and performing for premier companies such as Fuerza Bruta and Prix Dami, including presentations for the Presidency of Argentina, Teo returned to North America to win “best overall performance” at the 2014 Denver Aerial Arts Festival. Teo currently performs around the world with Pilobolus Dance Theatre.


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