Partnering on Trapeze: The Next Steps


There is an instant magic to two bodies holding each other in the air. But how can you take your work to the next level? In this workshop we’ll review the core techniques of catcher's locks and leg basics, with drills and progressions to help you get those cool tricks with strength and consistency. Come with a partner you have experience working with, and we’ll help you with your journey toward smooth and amazing skills.


Partners must have experience working together on lyra or trapeze, and be able to do one pull-up in a catcher’s lock (flyer in a pike, being pulled up to the catcher’s chest).

About the Instructor:

Elsie Smith is a founder of NECCA, Nimble Arts and Gemini Trapeze. Together with her twin sister she performed for Cirque du Soleil’s Saltimbanco for 4 years as a duo trapezist. Her performing experience includes Cirque Productions, Cirque Voila, Women Who Fly, Sandglass Theater and numerous television and corporate appearances. Elsie has taught and choreographed for many companies including Pilobolus, Cirque du Soleil, Canopy Aerial Dance Studio, Air Dance Bernasconi, Umo Ensemble, Circus Smirkus, Actor’s Gymnasium and Sea World San Antonio. She has a Coaches Certification in trampoline and she and Serenity have developed a unique curriculum and teaching methodology for aerial circus arts. They maintain parallel teaching, coaching and performing careers.


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