Rolling Up the Rope Level 1


Learn the leg and spine patterns needed to access horizontal/waist wrap rolls on a vertical apparatus.  Attention to hip rotation, c-shaping, and general body balancing is a great starting point for rolling, as well as for fine-tuning any rolls that may feel inconsistent or difficult.  We will examine floor drills, drills on the rope, rolling down, and rolling up via the “donkey clam” roll and single coil roll (also often called the “slow roll”).

Prerequisites: Participants must be able to hold form in a wheel down (aka helicopter, windmill, or snowflake).

About the Instructor: PJ has been a multidisciplinary aerialist since 2008, specializing in corde lisse since 2013. PJ loves the simplicity of this apparatus and thrives on chasing momentum. Her performance work is defined by her love of the narrative, with a strong sense of intuitive pathways stemming from training and creating in isolation. She holds a masters degree in kinesiology and has 20 years of teaching experience. She firmly believes that coaching should be comprised of encouraging self-discovery of pathways, learning multiple techniques, and pushing physical limits, in equal parts. Her progressions involve seemingly unrelated skills that utilize similar motor pathways with graduated physical demand. This particular approach has enabled her to assist many students and performing artists to access one of the more complicated skills—rolling while ascending. PJ currently lives in Bellingham, Washington, and coaches rope and handstands in Seattle. She has performed with many companies and her current project is a collaboration with Eve Diamond called Girls Gone Rope.


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