Circus Fitness for Tweens & Teens (Online)



Created for NECCA's Youth Performance Troupe but open to all aspirational youth, this is a workout for young people with physical training experience. We're going to work out and stretch out thoroughly. Classes will focus on stretching and conditioning with additional segments on juggling, circuit training, inversions (headstands and/or handstands), and more.

What do I need?

Please have a pillow; a blanket, towel, or yoga mat for padding; books or yoga blocks; a blank wall for handstands/headstands; and two chairs of similar size.

Who is this for?

Students should have experience in circus or gymnastics classes or permission of instructor.


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7 - 18 Smith 10/28 - 12/16 We 04:00 PM - 04:55 PM $140.00 View 6