Annual Fund - 2019
Active Dates: 1/1/2019 - 12/31/2019

Do you ever wonder what makes the impossible possible? How some people manage to push the limits of human ability, sit on their own head, balance on one hand, or somersault through the air to be caught and safely returned?  In circus and in life, the impossible happens every day through the support of those around us.

NECCA has accomplished more than we dreamed was possible over the last year, and it has never been more true to say that we simply could not have done it without your support. Period. The contributions from donors like you over this last year have made everything possible.

And we have so much more to accomplish! NECCA will always rely on donor support to make our programs accessible to anyone who wants to try circus. Part of our mission is to make circus available to everyone and we couldn't do that without your support.

Thank you for considering a donation to help make the impossible possible!