Scheduled Dates

2/25/2019   06:00 PM  07:30 PM
3/4/2019   06:00 PM  07:30 PM
3/11/2019   06:00 PM  07:30 PM
3/18/2019   06:00 PM  07:30 PM

Aerial Sling 101

Dates: 2/25/2019 to 3/18/2019
Schedule: Mo 06:00 PM - 07:30 PM

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Located in : Trapezium, Southwest
Instructor: Victoria Quine

Regular Student: $100.00

Using a simple loop of fabric a few feet off the ground, you'll learn basic mounts, poses, and sequences. Each class will include a warm up, time on the equipment, and a cool down/stretch. This is our favorite way to find gentle stretches and slowly challenge your strength... all while having a great time!



None!  All body types and abilities are welcome.



Age Range:  16  -  & UP