Scheduled Dates

2/28/2019   07:30 PM  08:30 PM
3/7/2019   07:30 PM  08:30 PM
3/14/2019   07:30 PM  08:30 PM
3/21/2019   07:30 PM  08:30 PM

Dance Trapeze 201/301

Dates: 2/28/2019 to 3/21/2019
Schedule: Th 07:30 PM - 08:30 PM

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Located in : Winston Prouty Gymnasium, West
Instructor: Katie Schmidt

Regular Student: $70.00

The single point trapeze was one of the first circus apparatus to cross over to the world of dance. We'll explore how the dance trapeze has qualities different from the classic double point trapeze. Using all levels of space from the floor, to the bar and the ropes, learn how to create new shapes, drops, and sequences. *Spinning is optional. All trick vocabulary and sequences will be taught with out spinning. It will be up to the individual whether or not they would like to later add a spin.  

Students must be comfortable with basic trapeze trick vocabulary including one knee hang, front balance and ankle hang, and inverting in the ropes with or without assistance.

Age Range:  16  -  & UP