Core and Flex for Everyone (Online)

Join us for this all levels workout with an emphasis on body alignment, active and passive stretches, and core control. The class will combine flexibility work and Pilates concepts to engage deep muscles during range of motion exercises, increasing joint stability and preventing injuries. We'll also use breath patterns in some of the exercises for a deeper connection to your core strength.



Please have the following items available for each class:  Towel or yoga mat for padding, a rolled towel or foam roller , a small ball (soft and size of soccer ball) or pillow, a Theraband or rope straps, yoga blocks or boxes of same size, and a blank wall for stretching.

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Moraes 1/4 - 3/15 Mo 06:00 PM - 07:00 PM $200.00 View -1

Flexibility 201/301

This class will focus on flexibility at a deep level with the goal of understanding the most effective ways to stretch any area of the body. Students will learn the difference between passive and active range of motion and learn to safely push their own limits when training.


Students should be able to press up to a bridge from laying on the ground, have splits on both sides 3" or closer to the floor, be able to sit up straight in a pike position, and, in a seated straddle, be able to touch their elbows to the ground in front of them.


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Ullian 1/6 - 3/17 We 06:00 PM - 07:15 PM $300.00 View 4

Flexibility at Home (online)

Do you want to work on your flexibility right from your living room, or bedroom, or wherever you have a little space? In this class we'll work on active flexibility and increase passive range of motion in a class with customizations for everyone. Classes will alternate between upper and lower body with a focus on maintaining joint health and alignment.

Please have a yoga blocks if you need extra support doing splits, a foam roller, padding for the floor such as a carpet, yoga mat or blanket, and a strap or a towel.

Ages 18 or up, or by permission.

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Archer 1/7 - 3/18 Th 07:00 PM - 07:55 PM $200.00 View 8